I would like to thank my students for taking my classes — it was a pleasure to work with them.

And I am very grateful that they found time to write these testimonials.

Olga is a very thoughtful and talented teacher. She prepared me detail material for learning basic Russian. She even taught me some skills to pronounce the 'P' sound with vibrating tongue. It's the best class I've ever had!


Tsai Denise

Olga is very wonderful Russian teacher! She is very kind and patience and tell me how to pronounce the viberate tone even send me a email to teach me. You know , viberate tone is very hard for Chinese people! Olga try to teach Russian in a real scenarios and help you order something in Russian by yourself in a cafe.

It is a very interesting and useful tour and lesson. It deserve to join~

Thanks! Olga


Rita R.

Olga is an excellent teacher with modern touch on the russian language and culture. I can highly recommend!


Christer Grankvist

Olga was a fine teacher. Her knowledge of English (for us) was very helpful in explaining the cyrillic alphabet and a few basic phrases and words that she knew we would find helpful!


Jo Anne F. 

I travel a lot in East Europe and have used Olga to improve my Russian language skills so that I can travel more easily. After trying several other online Russian teachers, I finally met Olga, who provided the professional 1-on-1 teaching that I needed. She is really great at using online tools, easy to understand and was able to explain many things that other teachers could not. I can definitely recommend her services.


Lars B. Dybdahl


Thank you so much for coaching us beginners in the Cyrillic alphabet and the pronunciation of your beautiful language.It made quite a difference as we negotiated our way around St Petersburg in the following days. You are such a great teacher. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to get a bit more from their visit to this historic city


Rob, Kaye, Peter and Ange 

Melbourne, Australia

We enyoyed the time with Olga. She speaks excellent german and English. Thank you, Olga. We definitely recommend your tour to all people who want more that standard sightseeing.


Sabine I.